Acknowledgements and References

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support of my customers.  I wish you increasing well-ness.

I could not have followed my passion without the generous support of family and friends.

I would like to thank the people at Green Geeks and WordPress who rescued me, on several occasions, when I decimated my website whilst still learning.

I would like to acknowledge the advice and support of my various suppliers.  Their assistance has been invaluable.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful free use photos from friends, family, Instant Images,  Upsplash and Pixels.

Reference Books

These are just some of the many books and articles to which I frequently refer

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy

Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

Gabriel Mojay – Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance with Essential Oils 

The Fragrant Pharmacy

Valerie Ann Worwood – Complete Guide for Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 

Aromatherapy and the Mind

Julia Lawless – The Psychological & Emotional Effects of Essential Oils

The Colour Herbal

Michael Stringer

Zen and the Art of Making a Living

Laurence G. Boldt

Aromatherapy Blends and Recipes

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The Reiki Manual

Penelope Quest and Kathy Roberts