I believe everyone has some particular work or purpose in life. Mine is a desire to be useful, supportive and caring, to contribute to leaving my world a better place.

I am passionate about the benefits of Aromatherapy.
I invite you to experience the benefits of the Aromatherapy Advantage products for pure and natural relief for many day-to-day ailments – physical and psychological.


tree of joy

Life is an unpredictable adventure.  We know not what the future holds – thankfully – and we cannot change what has happened in the past – so we are left with a precious gift : the present.  So fleeting but often so momentous.

We blindly believe that tomorrow will become today – each day – a  point that only becomes questionable when we have to face our mortality or the approaching mortality or degeneration of a loved one.

That is when we realise the truth behind “wasting time” and often want to live a more meaningful life where we give something back.

It becomes important to take the time to live the best life you can, doing what is important to you and those who are important to you.

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