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Welcome to Wendy-Jane's exciting world of Clinical Aromatherapy

Here you will find blends to address some common day to day issues.  


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Anti Viral properties of the Essential Oils active in both the spray and lotion products.  Use the Spray on your Face Masks, and hands and inhale deeply.  You can also spritz your face, your car, your room.  The lotion can be used as a hand cream or you can dab a little on your upper chest and inhale.  Smells wonderful too.

Although I smell delicious, please do not eat me.  Physically, I am designed to warm you – especially your hands and feet.  But I am also comforting and warming to the heart and nervous system.

Effective against bacterial and fungal infections like Athletes Foot and other rashes.

I am here to relieve the irritation of rashes and other itchy conditions such as dermatitis and eczma. If your rash is Fungal based rather than bacterial, you might like to try the Fungal Fighter blend. I am calming to the psyche as well as the physical.

I was created to help diminish unsightly stretch marks due to rapid growth spurts which damage the skin’s elasticity.  This blend is remarkably effective.

Your Fairy Godmother when you have tension. My role is to relieve pain, especially headaches and migraines, relax tight neck muscles, ease nausea and gently reduce body temperature (fever).  Instead of reaching for a synthetic (sometimes toxic) chemical, summon the natural relief of Migraine Magic.

I am such a relief for those balls of fluid around the ankles at the end of the day.
Apply – especially just before going to bed. Keep me on your bedside table and apply as needed to ease those tight and hot restless ankles. I can be used on other areas where lymphatic fluid is a problem too.

Blended to ease the symptoms of Menopause such as night sweats and hot flushes, physically I have a regulating effect on the hormones.  I am nurturing and soothing.

I was blended to have a relaxing effect on the nervous system if you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I am nurturing and harmonising and encourage confidence and a sense of wellbeing.

My scent is wonderfully feminine. Secret Womens’ Business was designed for PMS symptoms although I am a tonic for the whole reproductive system.  I ease irritability and frustration and I have a gift for lifting the spirits.

I am your Support in times of Grief , Loss and Sadness.  You will find yourself able to cope better during this time.  This blend is nurturing and grounding.

Your bodyguard against winter ills. I fight all 3 categories of infectious organisms – bacteria, viruses, and fungal – stimulating the immune system and increasing your body’s ability to respond to an attack. I also improve concentration, and sense of wellbeing, relieving mental fatigue, confusion, stress and tension. You will find me a refreshing and uplifting tonic and a great start to your day.

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